Sept  15-22, 2019


The tournament that travels the world.

This is your chance to be part of a Golden Oldies Hockey Community that's been crossing the globe since 1983.


Hockey Festival in Canada

Canada and hockey are inseparable things. That sport originated in the North American country and has always been a true national entertainment of locals. Hockey takes the first place (and it always did) in Canadian sports culture. Even these days, when it is becoming highly popular in other places as well. Canadian residents are divided into two parts - the first ones play hockey themselves, and the second ones carefully follow all sports events related to this sport. Therefore, such an event as the hockey festival in Canada is always in demand here.

Why Vancouver?

Most sporting events in Canada take place in Vancouver. And the hockey festival is also always held in this city. Why do the organizers prefer that particular place?

Vancouver is a large picturesque city, one of the most beautiful places not only in Canada but also on the entire North American continent. That megacity is situated between the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the impressive Rocky Mountains. These species fascinate with their power and almost pristine beauty. Here you will experience a mix of a cosmopolitan modern metropolis and natural lands.

What interesting things can you see and try out in Vancouver? Here tourists and locals have fun spending time around that impressive beauty. They go in for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, sailing, etc. In the center of Vancouver, tourists and residents can walk through the colorful and comfortable areas of the center, where life is in full swing. You will be able to plunge into the vibrant entertainment industry not only of land-based but also online format. For example, if you install the Sol online casino application on your device.

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Also, along with gambling entertainment, Vancouver is known for its original restaurants for every taste. You can hold meetings with friends and colleagues in the famous bars and pubs of this Canadian metropolis. But don't forget about the main event in the city - and it will certainly be a hockey festival!

How Was the Vancouver Hockey Festival Going?

Hockey originated in Canada, and so, here this sport is a national activity. Also, it was in Canada that the first hockey league was organized many years ago. Therefore, it is quite understandable that the hockey festival is held in Vancouver.

The famous Golden Oldies hockey festival has been held in this country since 1983. Local online casinos take an active part in supporting the festival. So, the virtual casino Sol sponsored that event in 2019.

Traditionally, the hockey festival in Canada attracts tens of thousands of spectators. Many people come to Vancouver from other countries specifically to get to this grand event. Canada is the birthplace of such hockey stars as Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby and Steve Eiserman, and others. A unique chance to see how these athletes play live falls to the real lucky ones!

The schedule of the Golden Oldies Festival in Vancouver changes from year to year. So, in 2019 it was an event that included a week-long combination of field hockey, sightseeing, social events, and some free pastime to do whatever you want. The beginning of the festival was the opening ceremony, and then the organizers held a cool welcome party for everyone. Here the guests and participants of the festival met with old friends and made many new ones.

After the introductory part, it's always time for sports. A team of hockey players entered the field. The first round has started. There was one day of rest between the matches when the athletes spent time enjoying not only sporting successes but also pleasant communication at the festival. The event also included a Picnic Day at the West Coast Railroad Heritage Park and a British Columbia sightseeing tour.

The hockey festival in Vancouver ended with a chic final dinner and dancing.


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